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12-20/05/2014 exhibition at the Urban Center Milan
08/12/2013 masstudio strikes again: 2nd prize!
17 via Terraggio 20123 milano
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crespi d’adda village competition
crespi d’adda [bergamo] italy
The centrality of knowing the reality that surrounds us is the starting point of this work. Experiencing how to know, to return to being ‘earthlings’, together with the true creators and users of the landscape with nature. The experience, perception and action must be the main ingredients of the project.
Great attention was given to the activities of walking and looking that took us to design a set of elements around the village, which stimulate the curiosity of visitors without spoiling the landscape.
Two paths, one central and one perimeter to the village, lead to the discovery of natural resources and artificial elements, without which nothing would have existed. Their signage is colored and positioned at ground level.
Other information elements, such as signs and totem-info points containing sliding billboards and flyers, complete the narrative description of the site with the colors of the images perceived through time.
program idea competition for the identification of information strategies conducive to a complete and correct visit to the village of Crespi d’Adda, Unesco heritage
awards1st prize
design 2004
design team Chiara Martini, Lorenzo Rossetti, Ivan Giorgio Ramaroli, Simone Colombo, Sabrina Gallini, Simone Marchiorato, Gabriele Sposato

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