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12-20/05/2014 exhibition at the Urban Center Milan
08/12/2013 masstudio strikes again: 2nd prize!
17 via Terraggio 20123 milano
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metamorphosys of the viaduct of genua
genua italy

[2° premio] E_LEVATA, il nuovo organismo generato dalla metamorfosi della sopraelevata, trasforma il paesaggio della città per arricchire la sua identità di Signora superba austera vibrante conferendole una nuova energia. [...]
chioggia renovatio
chioggia [venice] italy

[1st prize] “In medias res” (in the middle of things), between land and water, between Chioggia and the Adriatic Sea. Sottomarina appears to the eyes of the visitor in search of its own polarity, able to give character to the area and attract visitors from neighboring towns. [...]
house for two families
pietrasanta [lucca] italy

The project offers the opportunity to redefine the architectural composition of a single family home surrounded by a large garden. With respect to the historical and architectural tradition of Versilia, and consistent with the morphological environmental characteristics, the architectural language put to practice favors simple and regular forms. [...]
mogamo coffie&drinks laboratory
milan italy

On the premises of what was once the site of PIA, Pakistan International Airlines, MOGAMO has taken shape. One finds himself in Via Andrea Doria 12, in Milan, a short walk from the Central Rail Station and Caiazzo (MM2) subway stop. The ethnic melting pot culture is very evident in this neighborhood, much more so than in other areas of Milan. These fertile grounds allowed for the creation of MOGAMO a coffee&drinks laboratory. A bar in a nonstop continuous cycle serving breakfasts, lunches, afternoon snacks, evening drinks and after dinner drinks. [...]
engineering office
dongo [como] italy

Within an overall renovation project of a lakefront building in Dongo (Co) a new spatial layout was given to an engineering/architecture office: a project that plays on the relationship between public and private areas. [...]
biennale di venezia 2006 italy

2026 What is a "time gap" of 20 years worth? It constrains us to go beyond the idea of a science fiction future and think about issues that in a short time become extremely currant. It forces us to think that a project for the city's near future, perhaps, cannot take shape and be defined only through an architectural proposal for as much 'futuristic', inevitably freezes and locks subjective forms. Those forms that probably will be the scope of architecture in the next twenty years, the head of the strategies process. [...]
crespi d’adda village competition
crespi d’adda [bergamo] italy

[1st prize] The centrality of knowing the reality that surrounds us is the starting point of this work. Experiencing how to know, to return to being ‘earthlings’, together with the true creators and users of the landscape with nature. The experience, perception and action must be the main ingredients of the project. [...]
lake varese trail
varese italy

Lake Varese's pedestrian and bicycle path is a principle reference system whose influence goes far beyond the province itself, extending out on a much vaster territorial scale. At the same time, however, there is a genuine inability to formulate a common, coordinated and strong essence of this trail "system among systems". [...]
reuse industrial area mazzoleni
seriate [bergamo] italy

Why demolish?
The first question we asked ourselves was to what extent the conservation of existing buildings, in their current state, represent an economic resource for the future? A quick cost-benefit estimate for demolition and reconstruction, land reclamation, and disposal of building material revealed possible savings when resulting side effects related to the sites position in an already urbanized context were taken into consideration. [...]
residential complex
baranzate [milan] italy

[under construction] The mixture of different functions that coexist in the same area is the key to an urban design socially well balanced and economically feasible. [...]
bovisami universal market
milan italy

Universal Market, a Bolognese fashion house, chose to set up its first Milanese atelier in what can be considered a revolutionary location according to local fashion canons. A process of re-transformation of an entire district on the north side of Milan is in act which started with a new university (Politecnico di Milano, Faculty of Architecture, Engineering and Industrial Design) and includes the "non-architecture" of the new Triennale cultural center. [...]
apartment 02
muggiò [milan] italy

The restoration of an attic in a typical building of the '900 is an opportunity to create a new living space. [...]
giardino e cortile 'il circolone'
legnano [varese] italy

The project consists of the renovation of a restaurant’s inner courtyard with the aim to enhance the atmosphere reminiscent of summer time moods. The idea is to create a true outdoor room [...]
passinriva installation
lake of como

[...] Contemporary culture substitutes often WATCH for SEE, a mechanical gesture, a gesture unaware and distracted instead of a concerned gesture focused on knowledge. In order to regain possession of knowledge one must begin again to see the land. [...]
residential complex
saronno [varese] italy

The project is situated in a vital part of the city of Saronno, being one of the main gate of the city and in proximity of important historical buildings, such as the Sanctuary of Beata Vergine dei Miracoli, the Archbishop complex and 'Casa Morandi', now public library and theatre, with its garden. [...]
milan italy

The church Sant'Ildefonso, designed by Carlo De Carli in 1954-1956, was in need of a new heating system. Masstudio, was appointed artistic director and together with Silvia Sbattella curated the architectural impact of such system both in the interior and on the exterior of the church. [...]
zero village
olgiate olona [varese] italy

The architects were to provide for the design of the outdoor areas open to the public: swimming pools, trails and facilities dedicated to summer activities and the design of new buildings to accommodate a restaurant/banquet hall and service/technical areas.
home sweet office
milan italy

In a former factory in Milan, between Greco and Viale Monza, this HomeOffice project was brought to life. The goal was to transform two independent studios and superimposed into a space that could be the home and office for a fashion photographer. [...]
sae institute
milan italy

Having consolidated circumstances as a base, the project’s goals is to redefine the information-learning system as a spatial pathway. The peculiar element which characterizes the spaces is the light-matter relationship and the search for a strong sensory impact. The intent is to create something that would stay as far away as possible from the idea of a music video recording space as an introverted and dark environment and work instead on the relationship between rhythm and structure.
renovation of piazza roma
berbenno [bergamo] italy

The project is based on a process of 'remodeling' the public space which starts from the deviation of the road crossing above the building block west of the church in order to regain pedestrian areas adjacent to the terrace outlook currently invaded by the street and create a new path that embraces the space. [...]