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12-20/05/2014 exhibition at the Urban Center Milan
08/12/2013 masstudio strikes again: 2nd prize!
17 via Terraggio 20123 milano
ph. fax +39 02 36744735
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residential complex
baranzate [milan] italy
residential, commercial, urban design
The mixture of different functions that coexist in the same area is the key to an urban design socially well balanced and economically feasible. The English-speaking private school, the public nursery school, the sanitary (ASL) offices and a residential building creates a compound in which each function strengthens and complements the other, where the unique architecture of its parts is a harmonious whole, and where the 'residential building plays a role in the control of public space from its strategic central location.
A newly designed open spaces embraces and penetrates the site, giving unity to the intervention. A multitude of trees provide shade and color to the pedestrian area, and a new road is planned as a central pedestrian path for future developments.
program 4000 sqm residential complex with 50 apartments and retail
design 2011-2012
realization 2012-2014
client Montipò Trading srl
design team Beth Campbell, Chiara Martini, Nicolò Riva, Lorenzo Rossetti, Federica Mameli, Ludovica Riva
structural engineering Studio Delta, Novara
installation consultant Paolo Rognone
acoustic consultant Gabriella Sitta

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