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12-20/05/2014 exhibition at the Urban Center Milan
08/12/2013 masstudio strikes again: 2nd prize!
17 via Terraggio 20123 milano
ph. fax +39 02 36744735
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milan italy
public, restoration
The church Sant'Ildefonso, designed by Carlo De Carli in 1954-1956, needed a new heating system. Masstudio, together with arch. Sbattella, looked after the architectural impact of such system to the interior and the exterior of the church.
The new aeration system, consisting of 18 bronzed steel 'eyes', has been positioned around the apse, behind the original wooden 'boiserie', in order to minimize the visual impact, and still keeping the full functionality of the system.
program artistic and architectural consultancy for the realisation of a new heating system
design 2011-2012
realization 2012
client Sant'Ildefonso Parish, Milan
design team Beth Campbell, Chiara Martini, Nicolò Riva, Silvia Sbattella
heating consultant Paolo Ferrario

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