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12-20/05/2014 exhibition at the Urban Center Milan
08/12/2013 masstudio strikes again: 2nd prize!
17 via Terraggio 20123 milano
ph. fax +39 02 36744735
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passinriva installation
lake of como
The panoramic views are "privileged" lookouts that offer the opportunity to have a sinthetic and complex view of the territory: synthetic because one can grasp an overall view of the landscape, complex because the landscape is the overall outcome of a becoming, a duet between man and nature.
Contemporary culture substitutes often WATCH for SEE, a mechanical gesture, a gesture unaware and distracted instead of a concerned gesture focused on knowledge. In order to regain possession of knowledge one must begin again to see the land. This installation has the expressed purpose of demonstrating the mutual bond between SEE and LEARN, an opportunity for everyone to have access to a conscious and sustainable tourism of places, able to convert man back from the detached and mediated being which he has become, in to the land creature he has always been, before the abuse of technology that anesthetized his senses.
program installation created in occasion of the Cultural Event Passinriva, for the municipalities of Dongo, Gravedona and Consiglio di Rumo
design 2004
publications "Architects under 40" by L. M. F. Fabris, “Costruire” n.269, October 2005
design group Sabrina Gallini, Simone Marchiorato, Chiara Martini, Lorenzo Rossetti, Simone Colombo, Gabriele Sposato

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