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12-20/05/2014 exhibition at the Urban Center Milan
08/12/2013 masstudio strikes again: 2nd prize!
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reuse industrial area mazzoleni
seriate [bergamo] italy
residential, public, commercial, urban design, research
Why demolish?
The first question we asked ourselves was to what extent the conservation of existing buildings, in their current state, represent an economic resource for the future? A quick cost-benefit estimate for demolition and reconstruction, land reclamation, and disposal of building material revealed possible savings when resulting side effects related to the sites position in an already urbanized context were taken into consideration. 
The central idea for the Mazzoleni area is to start a process of urban re-generation, based on a three phase development program so as to permit, in a short time, the area's reactivation  for the benefit of the community. Milan's Expo 2015 offers an occasion for the initial interventions and the successive phases, 2023 and 2030, allow the developer to consolidate the original design or, if appropriate, revise the project on the basis of developments in the real estate market.This self-sustainability process is the main economic resource from a political, socio-cultural and energy consumption point of view.
The conservation of the major portion of the existing buildings reveals the economic and strategic potential of the former industrial area as a means to attract new investors and at the same time balance the initial investment.
From a landscape and ecological standpoint the area is a potential link between the regional Park Serio to the south and the system of local parks to the north for the development of a light infrastructure connected to the existing bike and pedestrian path network.
The recovery of industrial architecture, and in general the history that has characterized this area, has strong implications on a regional scale when the brown fields are given a  new identity, moving from "refused landscapes" to "re-created landscapes."

Quickly activate for use and enjoyment the Mazzoleni area by "global" users attracted by the EXPO 2015 event and by local users, the citizens of Seriate.
Given the proximity of the date, it is assumed that the two approved residential complexes towards Corso Europe  and Via Alberto da Giussano are not yet completed. The project takes advantage of the land reclaim excavation of the residential units on Via Alberto da Giussano, although outside the competition's perimeter, to house a parking garage covered by a raised and ventilated wooden plateau for public use. Only once the residences are completed is it to be converted for private use. This system is well tested from a cost-benefit view point.

PHASE 2 2023
Launch and stabilize economic activity related to food production and consumption, create a social hub for local citizens, and potentiate the development of organic farming techniques research. The public buildings are completed with the activation of the nursery school and new residential units take the place of some former industrial buildings. The master plan proposes vertical farming functions in the southern most shed with commercial activity in its ground floor. The transformed open spaces include urban vegetable gardens, reflecting pools, orchards, and  flowered gardens.

PHASE 3 2030
Evaluate the investments made and the resulting economic framework in order to confirm which project strategy to pursue.
Compatible with recovery in the housing market one can foresee the completion of the residential units positioned in the secluded northwest section. The open spaces reach their full definition and maturation.
program reuse of a former industrial area for mixed use functions including a public garden and square. Idea Competition
design 2013
client Mazzoleni Trafilerie Bergamasche
design team Masstudio (Beth Campbell, Luca Cardellicchio, Chiara Martini, Nicolò Riva, Lorenzo Rossetti) and Piuerre Architettura (Alessandra Castelbarco Albani, Marco Di Nallo, Marco Oriani)

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